5102 A Bike is Born: 2 Seater, 3 Wheel Custom Trike

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5102   A Bike is Born: 2 Seater, 3 Wheel Custom Trike
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Running time 90 min
Another fascinating instalment from this popular series. Mark Evans is challenged to rebuild a two-seater, three-wheeled trike, using the rear axle from a VW Beetle and with power supplied courtesy of a 1600 VW engine with Weber Carbs! The finished machine has a cruising speed of 77mph, and does between 24 and 32 miles per gallon. For the perfect finish, Mark ensures the trike is dressed in stainless steel and the red fibreglass body is treated to an awesome airbrush job. This is serious nuts and bolts action from the heart of the workshop, containing the perfect ingredients for anyone passionate about motorcycle.Format: 1 DVD (Colour)Label: Duke MarketingGenre: Bike - TVBarcode: 5023093051020Category: E


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