GUDVD5784 Wheeler Dealers - VW Beetle

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GUDVD5784  Wheeler Dealers - VW Beetle
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Running time 47 min
In Wheeler Dealers the challenge is to save a variety of classic cars from the scrap yard. In this programme, auto veteran Mike Brewer joins forces with his mechanic mate Edd China with only £2,000 and one week to transform a VIN Beetle into a Beach Buggy. First and foremost Mike must find a Beetle to buy. Through a number of mediums, such as small ads, the Internet, specialist clubs and garage forecourts, he tracks down a VW Beetle in a shocking condition. Whilst finding the Beetle, Mike offers plenty of useful and general tips on how to select the perfect second-hand motor. Working from a dedicated garage base, acclaimed motor specialist Edd China makes his initial assessment of the car, and is horrified to see the sad state of the Beetle. He then comes up with an ingenious idea - its been forty years since the launch of the Beach Buggy, why not make a Beetle Buggy? Its no. mean feat as Edd has to completely overhaul the bodywork as well as fit a cool new set of seats, a dashboard and a steering wheel. The ultimate aim is to have the motor remodeled, cleaned and finally sold to a keen buyer: hopefully at a profit. Again, Mike offers essential tips on how to sell a second-hand car. Appealing to both amateurs and professionals.. Wheeler Dealers involves a detailed and hands-on look at transforming a second-hand car into a desired retro classic. Wheeler Dealers will not fail to make the perfect viewing for anyone who is passionate about cars.Format: 1 DVD (Colour)Label: Duke MarketingGenre: Car - MarqueBarcode: 5023093057848Category: E

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